Pinkberry Layout Essay

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Layout strategies: 1. Current Layout: a. Ambient conditions: Pinkberry strives to provide an inspiring store design that is fresh, clean, contemporary, uncluttered, yet stimulates all the senses. Pinkberrry's colors always a mystery to customers, because pink color not involved in the design of something that has a word "pink" in its name.But orange works well in a yogurt shop bringing the energy to the space. b. Spatial layout and functionality: Pinkberry has a pebble floor that reminds customers of a hot summer day at the beach when you can't wait to get ice-cream. Pinkberry has mobile payments app that easier for customers to track and receive rewards. c. Signs, symbols and artifacts: Simplicity is the real key in Pinkberry which allows more time for mastering customers product's uniqueness. Pinkberry has its quality of design and materials that you can know it is Pinkberry here! 2. Re-design Layout: 2. Re-design of Pink berry: 3. Explain: Our purpose is to save customers' time. So we re-design the store layout. First of all, when the customers get into the door, they can go to self service that is FroYo Machines. They can choose the size through the screen on the machine. We suggest Pinkberry to make a change in their software that use for smart pad. The smart pad set up on the machine, it has able to let customers choose size and flavor. This behavior can save more time and reduce manpower. Secondly, Pinkberrry has a lot of customers at Weekends, people feel bored when they are waiting in line. We suggest setting up a menu board on the wall and front waiting line. It can reduce
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