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Physical change is the change in the physical properties of a substance. Physical properties are those which can be measured and observed without changing the composition or identity of a substance. On the other hand, chemical change refers to the change in the chemical properties of a substance. Chemical properties are those which alter the composition of the substance. Bismuth carbonate powder The bismuth carbonate is a When the bismuth carbonate was subjected to heat it turned to a yellowish-white color, which is different from its original white color. This is because when metal carbonates are heated they undergo thermal decomposition. The heat causes the carbon dioxide to break free from the metal oxide thus yielding to the production of a metal oxide and a carbon dioxide gas. The bismuth carbonate powder’s break down to two different substances and its change of color indicated that there was a chemical change that occurred. Potassium chromate crystals When the fine, yellow, crystalline solids were heated there was a change in color. From yellow it slowly turned into red. When it was cooled down, the color changed back to its original yellow color. Since there was no change in the chemical composition of this compound there is no chemical change that occurred rather it was only a physical change. Ammonium dichromate When the ammonium dichromate was heated, at first there was a change in color and then it ignited. This is due to the thermal decomposition it has undergone; the compound had produced three substances namely nitrogen, water and chromium (III) oxide. The liberation of the water vapor (which caused the moisture inside the test tube) and of the nitrogen caused the agitation of the green fiery solid chromium (III) oxide. It resulted to the chromium (III) oxide being capacious. The breakdown to three different substances and the mini

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