Pink Floyd : Shine on You Crazy Diamond Musical Analysis

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(Parts 1-5) run time 13:45 “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” is one of Pink Floyd’s lengthiest songs a staggering 26 minutes long, this song is a Pink Floyd heavyweight, divided into 2 halves consisting of nine parts. I am reviewing parts I to V. The first half of the song serves as an opening for Pink Floyd’s ninth studio album-Wish You Were Here (EMI Music, 1975). The first section has many different feelings of mystery, energy and excitement. The second part’s entry creates a more lifting feeling for me as it encourages you to be hooked by the 6/4 blues rhythm. Syd Barret, once a creative guitarist, with an artistic vision to collaborate light shows with the psycheldelic sound of the sixties. Shine On You Crazy Diamond was dedicated to him and the legacy he left behind. The beginning of the piece creates a calming sensation that is abrubtly followed by an energetic burst of instruments, suggesting perhaps that Syd could never just be laid back. I believe he was filled with a sense of wild creativity, when I listen to Pink Floyd’s debut album “The Piper At The Gates of Dawn” (EMI Colunbia, 1967) I hear the work of a wild and creative mind for example, listen to the song Intersteller Overdrive, featuring disjointed, distorted guitar sounds randomly played, this characterises Syd Barret’s “style ' The Music Part I The introduction begins with the fading in orchestra like passage of a string synth pad in the key of G-minor created with an EMS VCS 3, ARP Solina and a Hammond organ. The intro is not unlike that of a feature film that promises some unknown adventure, like a building storm. (, May 7, 2013), In contrast to the atmospheric strings you can hear a melody played on a Synth horn which appears to be produced from a minimoog synthesizer. (, May 7, 2013,) All of these passages on the
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