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Pink Flamingos Essay

  • Submitted by: effylove00
  • on March 27, 2011
  • Category: English
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It may become irritating to see almost everyone do something the same because of its popularity. Jennifer Price repeatedly describes pink flamingos as bold yet fancy, figures of leisure. It seems during the 1950’s the increasing popularity of ornament pink flamingos had reached the same level of fancy extravagant riches because even famous people like Elvis Presley had became part of the new trend and now cities have buildings and streets for “pink”. One can agree with price’s opinion of pink flamingos being annoying and is embarrassing because it is showing that America is materialistic. Pink has become the symbol of the 1950’s.
    Price uses sarcastic diction to show her irritation of the way people of America are acting towards these pink flamingos. The first is shown in her thought of why calling it a “pink flamingo” as if they can turn out a different color like blue or green. It is obvious that a flamingo is the color pink. The second to notice in the essay is Price’s aggravation of how some have used the words “plastic pink flamingo” and “natural” and how now the flamingos are perceived as a proper part of the countries culture. The third is the irony of this popularity. Before the 1950’s people hunted flamingos in Florida until there was none left to admire. Now Most of the people of the United States have become infatuated with them. She laughs at the “new” American culture of first trying to kill them and now trying to make them a symbol. This displays the disrespect of the real value of the bird making our society seem shallow.
    The use of lists allows the reader to actually imagine the obsession of Americans with pink. When price lists the load of colors in her essay creating a huge imagination, makes the reader believe that there are too many bright colors in the plastic industries during the 1950’s. As well as listing the very bright shades of pink that appliances had. People have become so addicted to this style that they are now playing money...

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