Pink Flamingo Essay

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Jennifer Price, in her essay, “The Plastic Pink Flamingo,” suggests that the common population of Americans is too obsessed with objects that have money value to recognize those that have true beauty. In order to illuminate materialism, Price uses irony, alliteration, and contradictory diction. She adopts a mocking tone for the American community. Irony is used to highlight how Americans have forgotten to care for the important things and are focusing more on lavish things. Price says, “But no matter.” This is to mock the arrogance of the American community. The message Price is trying to convey with this quote is that for the Americans, hunting flamingos to extinction is of little importance in comparison to the plastic flaming gaining popularity. They would do anything to fulfill their materialistic desires. Price talks about the plastic flamingo, “In the 1950s, the new interstates would draw working-class tourists down, too. Back in New Jersey, the union Products ...” for a while without talking about the actual one. She gives false importance to the role of the fake flamingo. This is to highlight the forgotten importance of some things by the Americans. Alliteration is used to enhance the image of ridiculous attention that Americans pay to materialistic desires. Price uses the quote “fifties favored flashy colors.” This quote has a playful sound to it. With it, the Americans are being compared to playful children because of their materialistic desires. Another alliteration used by Price is “proliferated in passion pink.” It is used to disclose the childishness of the description of the plastic pink flamingo. Price is communicating that it is ridiculous to be focusing on a plastic decoration when its inspiration is what deserves real appreciation. The Americans are doing this so this quote shows their materialism. Contradictory diction is

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