Pink Flamingo Essay

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In the essay “ The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History,” the author Jennifer Price describes how fake and selfish the American culture was in the 1950’s. She’s use amazing sarcasm, crazy selfishness, and wonderful description. In the fourth paragraph, she shows off her sarcasm. She says “Why, after all, call the birds “pink flamingo” as if they could be blue or green?” It keeps the reader interested in what is going on. She could have boringly stated that it didn’t make sense for them to call the birds “pink” flamingos instead of just flamingos. It also gives her emotion in this sentence as well. It makes her sound upset, as if people don’t know the actual meaning of the flamingo. During the first paragraph she gives a good example of selfishness. She states “It’s ironic, since Americans had hunted flamingoes to extinction…” She is telling us how selfish the Americans were, hunting the birds to extinction and then using them for tourism. Not only did they use them for the selfish need of tourism but they also put them up for decoration. The decorations of the flamingos were used in hotels to get more people to come stay there, and also in the lawns for people to look “wealthy.” She also used wonderful description, when she uses words like “broiling magenta, livid pink, incarnadine, fuchsia demure, Congo ruby, methyl green.” Instead of just using the regular name of the colors like, “pink, ruby, and green“ she threw in the extra detail to show you what the colors actually looked like rather then using the original name. In my opinion the readers would get bored and zone out during this part of the essay, if no details were included. In conclusion, Jennifer Prices uses amazing sarcasm, crazy selfishness, and wonderful description. She gives great details and examples throughout the entire
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