Pink Eye a Communicable Disease Essay

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Running head: COMMUNICABLE DISEASE PINK EYE Communicable Disease Pink Eye Pink eye also know as Conjunctivitis is a very common throughout our school systems, workplace, and community. There are many environmental risk factors that contribute to acquiring conjunctivitis. There are basically two different types of conjunctivitis and how it impacts everyone. Description of the disease and the efforts made to control it Pink eye also is medically referred to as Conjunctivitis. The lining of the eye is usually clear if an infection occurs the eye lining becomes red and swells (Webmd2, 2005-2012). Pink eye can either be a bacterial or viral infection that causes the eye to be itchy and red. Some symptoms are tearing of the eye can have some discharge or blurred vision (Webmd2, 2005-2012). If it is a bacterial infection it requires a 24-72 hours incubation period but if it is a viral infection the incubation period is 12-72 hours (Webmd2, 2005-2012). Physicians recommend that parents keep their children home because it is a contagious disease they need immediate medical attention (Webmd2, 2005-2012). Three types of evident-based research interventions that ensure quality care The following clinical results were gathered from a retrospective study conducted in the Netherlands (Visscher, Hutnik, & Thomas, 2012). The data findings identified that there were 5213 new and recurring episodes of conjunctivitis. The percentage of physicians in the Netherlands prescribing ophthalmic antibiotics was about 80% over a time span of 12 months (Visscher, Hutnik, & Thomas, 2012). The research reinstates that it is important to identify barriers that blocks the effectiveness of a treatment (Visscher, Hutnik, & Thomas, 2012). One barrier that was identified, was the use of effective communication between patient and physician (Visscher, Hutnik, & Thomas,

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