Ping Sweeps and Port Scans Essay

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The ping sweeps and port scans are the two techniques that malicious computer users such as hackers that can use to compromise an Enterprise networks security and gain access to their proprietary data. The ping sweeps are performed to find an open-door into a particular end-point. A person usually can find all kinds of utilities on the internet to exploit the open-doors on the system and gain access to important and confidential files on the network. It is a good idea that we try to protect ourselves against all these types of activities on the network and to also try to conduct them ourselves that way we know that out networks are safe. The ping sweeps are what you really think they are. They are pings that usually all the people in the IT field use as a troubleshooting step with the exception of that they are conducted over the entire range of addresses. A normal person would only ping one or two intended destinations while a hacker would conduct a ping sweep to find every endpoint on a network where there is allowed connection. When a hacker has the information he can start reviewing which machine seems to be important to invade or just go straight to direct attacking a machine they wanted. An example could be just like a burglar where he wants to rob a house in a neighborhood. You will not want to just drive to any address and hope that it existed. You might want to drive through the whole neighborhood and maybe go to some house where you act like you are selling something to figure out if there are people in there or if it was empty. It can also give you a chance to figure out if they have stuff of a value to steal. This is just like a ping sweep where it scans places figuring out which addresses are worth the time for a malicious attack which one is not. The port scan is a more of a direct attack that tries to find an opening to a specific end-point for an

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