Pinellas County Road Network Analysis

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Charles Kaufman Network Analysis Liang Mao December 14, 2011 Pinellas County Roads: The Future For my project, I picked something that was close to home and something that is relevant to my friends and family. From the time you are 16 until you can not drive anymore, you will be traveling the roads daily. You go to and from work, school, and just daily errands. Many people get stuck in traffic during rush hour and when there are accidents. Everyone wants to know why they can’t make roads or a system that will bypass all this traffic. The future of Pinellas County roads and highways in general are looking toward a more beneficial and environmental friendly solutions. My study is more towards where these stations would be best served and how it could help the Pinellas County road system in the future.…show more content…
Sitting in traffic is one of the worst time consumers of the day. We all dislike wasting our time sitting in traffic when we are late for a meeting or late for a sporting event. My parents have worked with the Department of Transportation in Pinellas County for years and this has been the steaming question for their whole time there “How can we make travel on our roads better and smoother?” Many of their associates have thought that maybe if they just expand the more traveled roads that the ride would become less congested. This may have worked in the short term, but what they did not expect was the 42% increase in population over the last 30 years (US Census). Over the last decade or so, the department of transportation in the Tampa Bay area has proposed and idea for a monorail type system for the main areas of business in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa. They have proposed many ideas, even to continue this project all the way to Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami-Dade

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