Pincables of Patice Essay

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LO1 Understanding how Principles of support are implemented in the Health & Social Care Practice Principles of support in the health and social care practice are applied to ensure that service providers deliver a high quality of care to vulnerable people, ensuring that service user’s patients or clients are cared for equally and effectively according to their personal, social ethical, moral and religious values. Health care practices have strict policies against any prejudices and discrimination for example stereotyping, racism homophobia etc... This is in line with the equality act, 2010 it is paramount that the individual rights are recognised and respected. Users of health care services have the right to freedom of choice, the right to confidentiality under the Data protection act, 1998 also the right to family life. Health and social care practitioners have a duty to protect service user from harm and abuse which include •Physical abuse •Financial abuse •Emotional abuse •Sexual abuse •Abuse by neglect Cited in The Human rights act, 1998 Promoting and maintaining service user’s individuality and independence is also key when caring for users of health care services as there are people of many different age stage and abilities that require different types of support whether it be physical, social, emotional etc… some individuals may only require gentle reminders of how and when to carry out daily tasks however all service users have the right to equal care in accordance to the Equality act ,2010. Principles of practice contain specific guidelines that care practices follow to create a warm friendly environmental atmosphere for service users. When caring for vulnerable people it is necessary to protect the clients, patients and colleagues from harm. Health and social care practices create policies and procedures to ensure the smooth

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