Pillars Of Seafood Essay

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Spanish food suffers an identity crisis! Other than being compared to neighboring Portugal, Spanish cuisine is often confused with Mexican food, red-hot and highly seasoned. Spanish food is colorful, it involves very few hot spices or assertive seasonings, except for garlic and Spain’s favorite; parsley. There are many threads of tradition and influences running through the Spanish kitchen; Romans, Moors, Aztecs, French and Italians are all woven into the culinary of Spain. The Holy Trinity is bread, oil and wine are the cornerstone of Spain’s culinary history and influenced by Rome. The Holy Trinity is not sufficient by themselves, but rather three parts of a whole meal. When this Holy Trinity is present we cross from simple sustenance into the art of cuisine; an essential of the art of living. Added to this Holy Trinity is the trio of touchstones; garlic, religion, and conviviality. Spaniard’s believe “Thick with Garlic and Religion”. Garlic is infused with almost every Spanish cuisine. As for conviviality, the very purpose of Spanish dining is to nourish the body and soul. Dining is time to strengthen ties between family, community, and religion. Other influences that have created this cuisine are Spain’s atmosphere, the Spaniards deep appreciation for food and of course the friends that dine with you. The “Olive” is one of the contributors to Spain’s eating and economy. Cooks benefit from the oil from the olive tree; preferring to butter and other fats. Dinners benefit from the fruit of the olive tree as an appetizer, or an ingredient in salads. Everyone benefits from the fragrance of the olive groves. Another specialty are almonds and they are used as a flavor and texture ingredient in various dishes. In Spain their are over fifty ways to serve potatoes, thirty of them are recipes

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