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Pigs And Proletariat Animal Farm As History Essay

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  • on May 15, 2011
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PT Monograph (Analytic)
AU Grofman, Bernard
AT Pig and Proletariat: Animal Farm as History
MT Short Story Criticism
CY 2004
DB Literature Resources from Gale
XX 服务名称:Gale
XX 访问日期: 13 March 2011
IL http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?&id=GALE%7CH1420056277&v=2.1&u=gdufs&it=r&p=LitRG&sw=w
BE Palmisano, Joseph
BN 978-0-7876-7025-2
DI GALE|H1420056277
PB Gale
PL Detroit
NT San Jose Studies 16. 2 (Spring 1990): 5-39.
RM 版权 2011 Gale
RM COPYRIGHT 2004 Gale, COPYRIGHT 2007 Gale, Cengage Learning
SN 08959439
SU Communism
SU Animal Farm (Orwell, George) (Novel)
SU Orwell, George
TX [(essay date spring 1990)   In the following essay, Grofman examines aspects of
  Animal Farm,   including its literary roots, its place in didactic literature, and
  its critical reception. ]

  This essay has a very simple aim: to rescue   Animal Farm   from the often repeated
  claim that it is merely a children's story and to demonstrate how closely its events
  are tied to the events of Soviet political history. 1   In the process I hope to
  demonstrate that   Animal Farm   works at several levels, as a charming story about
  "humanized" animals, as an allegory about the human condition, and, most importantly,
  as a thinly disguised and biting political satire about Soviet totalitarianism.
  No reader can fully enjoy the book without knowing, for example, that the pig Snowball
  represents Trotsky and the pig Napoleon represents Stalin.

  I. Literary Roots

  The work to which   Animal Farm   is most often compared is   Gulliver's Travels
    (see, e.g., 1946 reviews by Edward Weeks in   The Atlantic   and Edmund Wilson in
    The New Yorker ), although comparisons with   Candide   are also common. It is true
  that for   Animal Farm   Orwell draws inspiration from many satirists, including,
  of course, Voltaire (whom Orwell greatly admired) and Swift (on whom he wrote a
  lengthy and penetrating essay in 1946: "Politics Versus Literature: An...

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