Piggy and Ralph Quotes and Meaning - Lord of the Flies Essay

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1. When Ralph says “No grown-ups!” it shows he is quite rebellious inside. He clearly likes the thought of having a society and a life with no grown-ups and being able to do what he wants when he wants to do it. The quotation also suggests he wants to be ‘ambitious’ and become a teenager thinking it will mean he is grow up and can do anything. One other suggestion it gives is Ralph had never had complete freedom before this moment, and is always controlled by adults, so when he ‘realised’ there was no one to control him, he was excited at the idea. 2. This quote suggests Piggy is the more sensible and realistic character out of the two in the book. Piggy seems to be able to admit the others are ‘all dead’, whereas Ralph may want to believe someone he looks up to (i.e. his dad) will be coming for them. This could also suggest Piggy is a lot more mature than Ralph and thinks more like an adult which Ralph is clearly desperate to be. The other thing you can learn about Piggy in the quote is he hasn’t had a very good education, which you can tell from this quote: ‘nobody don’t know’ – which isn’t grammatically correct. 3. This shows that Ralph often ignores people if he doesn’t want to talk to them, or is bored by them. This is obviously very rude. It also shows he is unaware of the dangers of the fact he is on a coral island without any adults, meaning he is not realistic and still quite childish because of it. The quote taken from this book could also suggest Ralph is selfish and only cares about himself and if he was well and ok. Again this is selfish, childish and non-realistic. 4. This quote shows he was excited but in control of his emotions, so he wasn’t jumping around going crazy about something. This means that Piggy has manners and conduct which was properly taught to him by his auntie or teachers. This may also suggest he is in his own ‘bubble’ or

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