Pig Skins: Differences Between Football And Hockey

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Pucks and Pig Skins There are many different sports which are played at a professional level for one to choose to watch and enjoy. Of the many sports out there the two that claim title to the manliest of sports without a doubt goes to football and hockey. Both sports are jam packed with high energy bone shattering hits. Whether it is a hockey defenseman slamming a center into the ice or a football linebacker sacking a quarterback in the back field, physicality is constant. Although the leagues attempt to ensure player safety with numerous safety equipment regulations, such as helmets, pads, and lengthy lists of illegal plays and moves, numerous players each season receive extreme injuries. These injuries often range from torn muscles to broken bones. When it comes to the length of the schedules between the two sports hockey players prove to be by far the more determined and athletic. The regular hockey season consist of a strenuous 82 game season lasting from early October until early April. The football schedule on the…show more content…
In football games a single touchdown is worth six points with the ability to kick a field goal for an extra point, in hockey a goal is worth only one point. With the possibility of football touchdowns being seven points the games tend to get into a higher final score than in hockey. This allows for hockey games to be a nail biting close game down to the final seconds of a game. Even to score a single point in hockey a player must shoot a small puck past a largely padded goaltender into a small 4 foot by 6 foot goal. In football, a player must get the football into the large field spanning touchdown of the opponents. The size of the scoring zone in addition to the number of potential points to be earned allows football teams to reach higher amounts of points. However, regardless of the value of a goal or touchdown, the team with the most points will eminently

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