Piezoelectric Sensors Essay

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Piezoelectric Sensors Explanation of Effect: The piezoelectric effect describes a phenomenon where energy is converted between mechanical and electrical energy. The Curie brothers discovered this effect in the 1880s. Key Physical Properties: * Uses 2 metal plates to sandwich the crystal * Can apply Explanation: * Can turn Mechanical Force into Electrical * Piezoelectric crystals have dipoles in each cell * Can turn Electrical Force into Mechanical Key Electrical Properties: * Electrets * Permanently polarized solids * Piezoelectric crystal always electrically neutral * All Surface polarization neutralized by attracting free charges from the atmosphere Explanation: Sensor Uses 2 metal plates and a force is applied causing there to be a mechanical deformation which causes the cells to realign, and hence causes there to be a release of charge, which can be gathered and measured using the metal plates. The amount of force applied and the resultant charge is directly proportional. Piezoelectric theory: Vr= Qf/c Vr= resultant voltage Qf= Charge due to force applied c= capacitance of the sensor 2. As the Shuttle cock is hit into the T1 area of the target, there is a +1 electrical signal is released. This electrical signal is released through the piezoelectric sensors. It is then pushed through the non-inverting amplifier in the open loop circuit. It is then collected at the 2 op-amp comparitors and gives out the 2 logic level outputs HIT1 and TRIG1. 5. The Logic circuit describes a regular function of 5 full adders, where an input of data comes in from ports A, B and the CarryIn. It is then processed and the sum is transferred through the S port, and the excess is carried into the next full adder using the CarryOut port. The sum is then directed into the register where the binary number is

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