Pierrette Guérin : Prisoner of Patriarchy

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Pierrette Guérin, when young was the most loved in her family, a well educated and virtuous girl who wanted to grow up to be a teacher. This all changed when she met Johnny and fell deeply in love with him and left home to live and work at his club. She was the beauty who bought the customers in. Her sisters and the other women look at her with disgust as she worked at the “club” and is distinguished as a prostitute who is reprobate. Now when she is thirty, she has been thrown out into the streets by Johnny who seems to have just used her appearances for his business. This is not surprising. Johnny controlled her life, although Pierrette thought that she had freedom unlike her sisters, she was always a slave exactly like them. Her choice to follow Johnny has made her a classic prisoner of patriarchy and has barred her from keeping her friend and family ties. In any case, Pierrette is admired by the younger girls, Linda Lauzon, Lise Paquette and Ginette Menard because they assume that she is enjoying life. However Pierrette only pretends that she is a successful lady with independence and a man who truly loves her. Pierrette Guérin is trapped in her maudite vie plate. Pierrette’s choice to follow Johnny has made her a typical slave of patriarchy with more abominable consequences in contrast to the other women. When Pierrette chose to leave home for Johnny, she was deeply in love with him. She did anything he asked her to as she trusted him. It seemed like she had it all, she earned her own money, had independence and a man who loved her. But after ten years of working for him, he dumped her, rather harshly, and made it clear that he had just used her for financial profits through his business. “He dumped me, just like that! “It’s finished,” he said. “I do not need you anymore. You’re too old and too ugly. So pack your bags and beat it.”...He didn’t leave me a

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