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How do people use piercings to express? People express themselves in many different ways such as rebellion, culture and even to find themselves. Body piercings have had a change in interest in the last decade or so. You might be surprised to find out that piercing is actually an ancient form of expression that most cultures have practiced at one point in time. Historyof.net Rebellion is a common reason for people to get body piercings. Many people have said it used to be a way of rebellion against the establishment in the 1960s. Most of the time now day’s teens and young adults use piercings to get a reaction out of co-workers or parents. This tends to be common rebellion when teenagers don’t get what they want. Teenhelp.com Young people go out with friends to get these piercings without the parent knowing. Often a teen gets into an argument with the parents and the result is the teen rebelling and getting the piercing he or she wants. Sometimes people think that getting a piercing will make them seem rebellious or dangerous. Therefore teens and young adults get them knowing they will get a negative response from people. There are some people who try to get a rise out of a co-worker after an argument by getting a piercing the co-worker may not like. They think the co-worker will get angry when the co-worker could actually careless. People allow themselves to undergo untraditional body piercings to be able to adorn body jewelry. Inet_topic.com Article Dashboard. 2005-2011. As most adults see piercings as absurd or trashy; young adults and teens want that reaction. Most people know rebelling is a way of showing a culture is not open-minded. It is said that the art of body piercings in some religions was a form of body destruction. In ancient Rome there was practically always a reason for a piercing. The Romans used piercings to show power, bravery, and

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