Pierce the Veil

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Meet my dedication, inspiration. Pierce the Veil is a post hardcore band from San Diego, California, founded by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes in 2006. The band was founded after the disbandment of their previous band which was called Before Today. Pierce the Veil created their own music genre, which they named “mexicore”. The name Pierce the Veil is taken from a song on Before Today’s album, A Celebration of an Ending. Their first studio album, A Flair for the Dramatic, was released on June 26th 2007, as the brothers still wrote songs together and managed to write enough to make a full album. They recorded the entire album in Seattle, Washington with producer Casey Bates. A song from the album, “I’d Rather Die Than Be Famous”, was featured on Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground. Bassist and backing vocalist Jaime Preciado and lead guitarist Tony Perry joined the band just after the album was released. Vic Fuentes also recorded a song called “She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty” featuring Jonny Craig, which was not released on the record, but is a bonus track for the album on the iTunes release. The band toured for 3 months after the album’s release. The first tour that they went on was the “I’m a Mathlete, Not An Athlete” with the bands Chiodos, The Devil Wears Prada, Alesana and Simcoe Street Mob, which lasted from September 23rd – October 2nd 2007. Two days after the tour ended, they went back for a UK tour with The Blackout and Flood of Red. The tour ran from October 4th until the 17th. They then joined The Devil Wears Prada and Chiodos again for the Bone Palace Ballet Tour with Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Emery, which was played from November 4th – 17th. After that they again went on tour with From First to Last and Four Year Strong on the RATHER BE SLAYIN’ N00BZ tour. In 2009 they moved to Los Angeles to record their next album, Selfish Machines, with producer

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