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Picton Case Essay

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Sociology is the study social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior (American Sociological Association). In society, rules, norms, and values are developed for the stability in a society. In the circumstances of the   Robert William Pickton case, the theory of George M. Head states that individuals learn and react from interactions within a society. Society shapes an individual as they are shaping the society. One’s individuality comes from their experiences in the past and present within a society. With regards to Pickton, he was charged with 15 first-degree murders, but none of the trails started until later on. Due to the delay of Pickton’s trial schedule, the judicial system dealing with these cases created an environment that would be beneficial to Robert Pickton. Pickton’s case became the largest serial killer investigation in Canadian history but became no priority for the police to investigate, it allowed Pickton to develop a mindset that he could continue to murder other innocent citizens. The article states, “In June 2004, lawyers working on the case said Pickton’s trial won’t start until spring 2005 at the earliest. In December 2004, Pickton’s defense team asked for another delay to give them time to examine DNA evidence. The trail date was further delayed when prosecutors added the 12 additional charges in May 2005,” (CBC News Online, 2006). The society around was also very angry at the fact that the Vancouver police were not handling this criminal case as serious as it should have been. Here it says, “Families of the missing women have accused Vancouver police of mishandling the investigation from the beginning by ignoring evidence that a serial killer was at work. The RCMP became involved in 2001,” (CBC News Online, 2006). Pickton’s behaviour continued to thrive off of murdering all these women emanates from the stance of the society that was surrounding him because all his trials were delayed and was never put...

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