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Picnic Essay

  • Submitted by: hahmad23
  • on December 2, 2013
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The play I will be critiquing today is Pullitzer prize winning “Picnic” by William Inge. This is a drama that was played at Klein High School for the past 3 days. From an audience perspective, I believe the play had a few mistakes that were made but was overall a very successful and entertaining performance.

    The set design of the overall play was very well done. All of the props were set in a very orderly manner and were set on the stage quickly and soundlessly during the intermissions of the play. The theme of the type of props was correlated very well with the time period that was being displayed on this play. There was nothing that was out of place or any sort of mistaken objects that were put on the stage. The costumes were very good and helped in convincing the time period that the play was trying to portray. The knee length dresses and kitten heels as well as the stereotypical clothing for both Allen and Howe. The makeup however, was slightly too overboard. The main character who was known to be the beautiful girl had makeup too drastic which I believed didn’t go with the natural beauty everyone was in love with on stage.

            Likewise, the quality of the lighting was very good while the sounding was not. The lighting was very good, transitioning between night and day very quickly and was easy to see. The only negative part of this part were the actor’s voice. While some of the actors, such as Rosemary, had loud and clear voices, others had voices that were difficult to hear without straining ears. Lastly, the actors delivery of their lines and portrayal of their character was very well. Everyone looked just about right for the character that they were playing, due to their tone, actions and physique.

          Overall, the play “Picnic” was a very good drama that I saw this Tuesday, October 22nd. The mistakes that were made can easily be fixed and obtained based on what was seen last Tuesday.

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