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MJ Vincent October 15, 2009 Pickleball Questions 1. Pickleball rules are similar to tennis and ping pong. 2. Yes, there is rally scoring in Pickleball. Rally scoring is when two teams hit until one team doesn’t complete a play and the other team receives the point. 3. The pickleball serve cannot be higher than your waist 4. The ball must bounce one before you are able to hit it out of the air. 5. A rally hitting is back to back hitting with bounces involved a volley is hitting the ball back to each other but with no bounces and the ball is always in the air. 6. The person who receives the serve cannot hit the ball until it bounces. 7. You serve on the diagonal line. 8. Depending on the amount of points your team has, you’ll either serve from the right side or from the right side. 9. Two serves is allowed in the beginning of the game. 10. Yes, the ball counts if it touches the net and goes over. However, during the serve, if this happens, you can serve it again. 11. The base line is closer to the net. 12. The service line is farther back than the endline. 13. A pickleball is a little heavier and has more holes than a Wiffleball. 14. If the ball bounces on the line, it is considered in. 15. The game originated from the south. A couple of guys were hitting a ball over a net in a backyard. However, their dog, Pickle, took the ball away from it when they were

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