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New World Order Memo To: David Thomason From: Sierra Carter cc: President of New World Date: April 22, 2014 Re: Public Economic Perspective for New World Public economic perspective aims to answer the questions of government policy through the lens of economic efficiency and equity. The public economic perspective provides the structure for whether or not the government should partake in a specific economic market. The three individuals who will remain in the bunker will include: • The scientist • The married couple • The doctor Each of the survivors agree with the Consumer Sovereignty theory. They each agree that the survivors staying in the bunkers will each have power over all of the goods and determination of what resources will be available. Each of these individuals will have a distinct purpose to the economy and society as a whole. The doctor is necessary in order to continue to help medicate civilization. The scientist is a scholar who can be used to build, innovate and create a new world. The married couple in needed to conceive and produce more people so that the civilization can prosper in the future. The Scientist The notes suggests that the scientist is concerned with stabilizing, allocating, and distributing their resources through a multi-tiered system of government. The scientist is important to the civilization and should be on the bunker because he will know how to distribute the items that happen to be left over. The scientist’s views come from the theory of Fiscal Federalism. This is a system which, “…different groups living in various states to express different preferences to public services; and this, inevitably, leads to differences in levels of taxation and public services” (Mushgrave). This theory suggests that people are granted the opportunities to live how they want to live; however they will have to pay for

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