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f9th PIB Study Guide Questions for All Quiet on the Western Front Chapter 1 1. What is the setting of the story? 2. What does Paul say about men like Kantorek? 3. What did the first bombardment and the first killing do to Paul's faith in the adult world? 4. Is this story necessarily just about Germans? 5. What is the mood or atmosphere of the story? 6. What is one theme of the story so far? 7. What does the theft of Kemmerich's watch represent? Chapter 2: 1. Why does Paul's generation feel that it is a wasteland? 2. What kind of person is Himmlestoss? 3. What have been two important results of Paul's military training? 4. What is the significance of Kemmerich's death scene? 5. What is the irony in the comment, "We are the Iron…show more content…
According to Paul, how do the Russians seem different from the Germans? 4. According to Paul what has made these "silent figures" his enemies and what could make them his friends? Chapter 9: 1. What has changed about his regiment when Paul returns? 2. Why is Paul disappointed in the Kaiser? 3. What do the men conclude about the causes of war? 4. What happens to Paul as he is out on patrol? 5. What thoughts does he have as he lies in the "bowl?" 6. How does Paul react differently to this killing than to the others? 7. What contrast does the author draw at the end of the chapter when Paul returns to his lines? Chapter 10: 1. What assignment are Paul and his comrades given? 2. What criticisms are made of the war-time medical practices? 3. Why does Paul say the war is a glorious time for surgeons? 4. How does the hospital show "what war is?" 5. To what is a soldier's knowledge of life limited? Chapters 11-12 1. Why does Tjaden eat fast? 2. What happened to Detering? 3. What is ironic about the factory owners in Germany? 4. What is the only thing the men have to look forward to? 6. How does Paul react to Kat's death? 7. Why is Paul no longer afraid? 8. What is the irony of the book's final
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