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13. What is the total pressure exerted on the ground by a chair with four legs (each leg has an area of 0.2m2) and a weight of 100N? a. 100J b. 500Pa c. 125Pa d. 125J e. Not enough information to tell 14. The product of torque and angular displacement is: a. The force b. The power c. The work done d. The momentum e. The centre of mass 15. For simple harmonic motion, the maximum displacement normally occurs when: a. Velocity is at maximum b. Momentum is at maximum c. Kinetic energy is at maximum d. Potential energy is at maximum e. Weight is greater than 100N 16. What is the total power done by a light bulb that produces 20kJ of energy over 45 seconds? a. 0.4J/s b. 0.4W c. 44kJ d. 444W e. None of the above 17. A calorimeter is: a. An instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure b. An isolated container with a cylinder containing a known amount of water and a thermometer to measure the temperature of water c. A device used to measure calories d. An instrument used to plot the sinusoidal function of a wave of light e. Used to measure the change in energy during centripetal motion over a period of time 18. Compressions and rarefactions are associated with: a. Transverse waves b. Longitudinal waves c. Both transverse and longitudinal waves d. Neither transverse nor longitudinal waves e. Transcendental waves PHYS 1007 Final Examination PART TWO: Long Answer Solve two (2) of the four following problems. You must have diagrams and show all important details of the solution for full marks. Each question is worth 20 marks. 1. A race car (1500kg) is going around an unbanked curve at the recommended speed of 15m/s. a. Draw a FBD displaying all forces and vectors. b. If the radius of curvature of the path is 35m and the coefficient of static friction between the tires and the road is μs=0.75, does the car skid as it goes around the curve? c. If the road was paved

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