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Year 12 PhysicsSummary Notes9.2 Space | Type your name here | 9.2.A - Gravity | Topic | Syllabus Dot-Points | Summary | Gravitational force | * Define Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation F=Gm1m2d2 * Discuss the importance of Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation in understanding and calculating the motion of satellites * Present information and use available evidence to discuss the factor affecting the strength of the gravitational force * Solve problems and analyse information using: F=Gm1m2d2 | | Gravitational fields | * Describe a gravitational field in the region surrounding a massive object in terms of its effect on other masses in it | | Weight | * Define weight as the force an object due to a gravitational field * Gather secondary information to predict the value of acceleration due to gravity on other planets * Analyse information using the expression: F=mg * To determine the weight force for a body on Earth and for the same body on other planets * Perform an investigation and gather information to determine a value for acceleration due to gravity using pendulum motion or computer-assisted technology and identify reason for possible variations from the value 9.8 ms-2 | | Gravitational potential energy | * Define gravitational potential energy as the work done to move an object from a very large distance away to a point in a gravitational field Ep=-Gm1m2r * Explain that change in gravitational potential energy is related to work done | | 9.2.B – Projectile Motion | Topic | Syllabus Dot-Points | Summary | Projectile motion | * Describe the trajectory of an object undergoing projectile motion within the Earth’s gravitational field in terms of horizontal and vertical components * Describe Galileo’s analysis of projectile motion * Solve problems and analyse information to calculate

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