Physics Essay

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1. The temperature at which centigrade scale is equal to 0° is __________. (-32°, -40°, 100°, -273°) 2. The average K.E of a molecule of a perfect gas is __________. (1/3KT, 3/2KT, 2/3KT) 3. The internal energy in an isothermal process __________. (Decreases, Increases, becomes zero) 4. The electric intensity at any point between two oppositely charged plain sheets is __________. (s/3Îo, s/Îo, s/2Îo, 2s/Îo) 5. __________ of the two charged particles of the same mass will be deflected most in a magnetic field. (Fast Moving, Slow moving) 6. To increase the accuracy of a potentiometer __________ should be used. (A uniform wire of a large length should be used, A uniform wire of a small length, Non-uniform wire) 7. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity states that the speed of light in vacuum is __________. (Independent of the motion of the source and the observer, affected by either drift, dependent on the motion of the source and the observer) 8. If a substance contracts on freezing the increase of pressure __________ the freezing point. (Increases, Decreases, Does not Change) 9. A thermoflask contains hot tea. It is shaken rapidly, if the tea is considered as the system then its temperature will __________. (Remains the same, Rise, Fall) 10. If the temperature of the cold body is decreased the efficiency of a carnot engine __________. (Decreases, Increases, Remains constant) 11. The electric potential is zero __________. (Inside a conductor, Midway between any two charges of the opposite signs, Midway between two equal charges of the sme sign) 12. When an electron moves in a magnetic field ‘B’ with velocity ‘V’ the force acting on it is perpendicular to __________ (V but not to B, both V and B, B but not V) 13. If an electron and proton enter into a magnetic field with the same velocity, the electron

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