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Sample Question Paper SCIENCE Class-IX (SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT II) M.M.-80 Time-3-31/2 hrs. General Instructions: . Questions 1 to 5 are one mark questions. They ar 1 e to be answered in one word or one sentence. . Questions 6 to14 are two marks questions. They a 2 re to be answered in about 30 words. 3 . Questions 15 to 23 are three marks questions. Th ey are to be answered in about 50 words. . Questions 24 to 26 are five marks questions. The 4 y are to be answered in about 70 words. 5 . Question 27 to41are multiple choice questions based on practical skills. Each question is a one mark question. You are to choose one most appropriate response out of the four a, b,c and d provided to you. 1 Which animal tissue is commonly known as packagin g tissue? 1 2 . Calculate the formula unit mass of CaCO 3 (given at masses: Ca = 40. 0µ, c=12 0µ, 0 = 16.0µ . 1 . An ion M 3 3+ has 10 electrons and 14 neutons What is the atomic number and mass number of M ? 1 . State the wave property that determines ‘pitch’ 4 of sound. 1 5 . How does the speed of sound change on increasing the temperature? 1 6 .What do you mean by photoperiod? Name two process es that are dependent on photoperiod. 2 7 . What will happen if: i) The skin epithelium is not stratified. ii) Stratified squamous epithelium lines blood vessels. 2 8 . Name the target organ/organ system of AIDS virus . What is the cause of death in case of

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