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Online & home tutors Registered business name: itute ABN: 96 297 924 083 PHYSICS 2013 Trial Examination 1 (2 hours 30 minutes) Motion in one and two dimensions Electronics and photonics Electric power Interactions of light and matter Materials and their use in structures Sound (Note: Use the formula/data sheets supplied by VCAA) SECTION A – Core studies (128 marks) Instructions for Section A Answer all questions in this section. You should take the value of g to be 10 m s-2. Appropriate working should be shown in questions worth more than 1 mark. Diagrams are not drawn to scale unless stated otherwise. Area of study − Motion in one and two dimensions Question 1 A 50 kg box on a horizontal floor has an acceleration of 0.20 m s-2 when it is pulled by two horizontal forces 60 N north and 45 N west. 60 N north 45 N west 50 kg box a. Determine the net force (magnitude and direction) on the 50 kg box. 3 marks Magnitude: N Direction: 2 marks b. Calculate the friction between the box and the floor. N c. Calculate the magnitude of the net force exerted by the box on the floor. 2 marks N 2013 Physics Trial Exam © Copyright 2013 FREE download from 2 Question 2 axis of rotation 1 vertical cylindrical wall Ranjiv Ali horizontal circular floor, radius 5.0 metres Ali (65 kg) and Ranjiv (75 kg) are riding inside a rotating drum of radius 5.0 metres. The horizontal circular floor is lowered when the drum is rotated uniformly at certain speed, and the people inside are prevented from sliding downwards by friction between the vertical cylindrical wall and the people. 3 The maximum force of friction between the vertical cylindrical wall and a person is of the normal reaction of 5 the wall on the person. a. Calculate the force of friction between the vertical cylindrical wall and Ranjiv

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