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Amor Nov.5 2013 Spring Purpose Determine a spring constant. Calculate the potential energy of a falling mass. Calculate the potential energy stored in a spring. Compare the potential energy lost by a falling mass to the potential energy gained by a spring that is stretched by that mass. Required equipment Masking tape, meter stick, metric masses, spring, string, support stand and hardware Procedure We fasten the stick on the table by using the masking tape, then bind the spring to the stick, bind the meter stick to the table, at last measure the spring relaxed position. We hooked the mass on the spring, and measured the spring rest position Xr. We pulled the mass downward a few centimeters from the rest position , and then released it. During the oscillation, my partner noted the upper spring position X1and the lower spring position X2.. We repeated step 2 with mass 2-4. Data |Spring constant and oscillation data | |Spring relaxed position, X0=0.6656m | |Trail |Mass |Spring rest position |Upper spring position |Lower spring position | | |Mn/kg |Xr/m |X1/m |X2/m | |1 |0.050 |0.5762 |0.6029 |0.5500 | |2 |0.100 |0.5240 |0.5405 |0.5000 | |3 |0.200 |0.4106 |0.4423 |0.3800 | |4 |0.040 |0.5873 |0.6107

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