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Welcome to the Physics Department • Congratulations on choosing the best subject. • We would like you to work through the following PowerPoint slides on the unusual material Aerogel and complete the 4 tasks set. This should amount to about 4 sides of A4. • This will help prepare you for the first topic which will be materials and their properties. Aerogel properties and uses What is Aerogel? What are its important properties? What are its applications? Some videos for more info on Aerogel SEAgel Areogel Aspen Aerogel Presentation Quest Lab: Aerogel W hy are these crayons not melting? If trying to access this video at college, Youtube links may not work . However the videos are for interest and you can still progress with the tasks ahead. 1st Task • Your first piece of coursework will be to research a material and its use. In preparation for this: • Research two uses for Aerogel and explain why its characteristic physical properties (e.g. density, strength, transparency and conductivity) make it particularly suitable for these applications. List at least one reliable source for each. • Design a table to write up your findings. Microscopic structure of an organic Aerogel. Scanning electron microscope image. This is an enlargement of the image on the previous slide. nd 2 Task • One pixel is about 5 x 10-8m across. Using the previous slide estimate: – The number of pixels across one Aerogel ‘bubble’. – The diameter of an Aerogel ‘bubble’. – How many ‘bubbles’ could fit along one side of a 1cm3 cube? – The maximum number of ‘bubbles’ you could get in 1cm3? 3rd Task • 5 cubes of Aerogel are made. The mass of each cube is measured and recorded alongside the side length. The results are below. Cube Side length, L /m Cube mass /kg 1 0.05 0.4 x 10-3 2 0.08 1.5 x 10-3

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