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Mr. Mirchel Regents Physics – 6a/7 02 January 2012 Introduction Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to verify the relationship between centripetal force and centripetal acceleration. The other purpose of this lab was to experimentally determine the mass of an object using the physics of circular motion. Hypothesis: I expected the relationship between centripetal force and centripetal acceleration to be direct. Experimental Design Equipment List: Plastic tube, string, steel washers, rubber stopper, stopwatch, meter stick, triple beam balance, tape, paper clips, safety goggles, and our brains! Diagrams of Apparatus: Experimental Procedures: 1. We threaded the string through the plastic tube with a paper clip attached to one end and a rubber stopper attached to the other. Before proceeding, we also made sure to unravel the apparatus and untangle the string. 2. We pulled the rubber stopper away from the tube about .7 meters away from the tube and marked it by sticking a piece of tape on the string under the tube. 3. We measured the mass of 5 washers using a TBB. 4. We placed the 4 washers on the paper clip attached to the end of the string, started swinging the rubber stopper, and increased the speed until the tape mark was just below the tube all while making sure the tape didn't touch the bottom of the tube. 5. While maintaining the ideal speed, we measured the time required to complete 10 revolutions. 6. We repeated all procedures for different number of washers in increments of 5. Safety Precautions: We were careful when swinging our apparatus, separated ourselves far from the other groups, and wore safety goggles at ALL TIMES. Observations/Results See attached. (Data Table) Data Analysis See attached. (Graph) See attached.

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