Physics 211 Uk Lab 2

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FREE FALL Your signature indicates that you have completely read the entire report and agree with everything here in. Failure to sign will result in a zero for your personal grade unless a formal exception is filed with your TA. Please Print and Sign Full Name Principal investigator: ___________________________________________________ Skeptic: ____________________________________________________ Researcher ____________________________________________________ TA ____________________________________________________ Lab Report Score: ________________ Role | I | DC | AD | RC | Q1 | Q2 | PI | PG | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Legend: I introduction DC data and calculation AD analysis and discussion RC results and conclusion Q1/Q2 quiz/pre-lab PI principal investigator points PG personal grade (average of individual score and Lab Report Score) Introduction The “Physics 211” Lab Manual authored by Steven Ellis of the University of Kentucky Department of Physics and Astronomy was initially referenced for the Projectile Motion procedure, starting on page 11 of the Manual. In the start of the lab, the students had to wear ballistic eye protection (goggles). A ball was diameter was taken of the ball (in cm). The projectile launcher had to be leveled by the inclinometer. Afterwards, using the projectile ball, and the ram rod, the projectile had to be shot onto the clip board with the carbon paper attached to it. The geometric center of the trials was taken; this height was the initial height of the projectile. The launcher had to be relocated to an appropriate distance that will let the projectile strike the lower portion of the target. After taking three trials, the horizontal and vertical displacement of the projectile

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