Physician Assisted Suicide Right Or Wrong Essay

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Right or Wrong - Physician Assisted Suicide Something we all can agree with-cancer is painful. “…two thirds of patients with advanced disease have significant pain, and the major reason why cancer is painful is that it invades tissues, like bone, or soft tissue like muscle, and compresses the nerves and produces pain in that way” says ABC News (Foley). Imagine that patient was your loved one fighting a chronic illness. You have watched as they have battled through the ugly side effects of chemo, radiation or some other painful intervention. Your loved one has lost weight, their hair and most of their immune system. It is a fight that they are losing and they are becoming a shell of their former self. Your loved one is faced with many options, like continuing the fight with other dangerous medications. They are given the option to go home and die there, but that too can be a costly balancing game of pain medication. Physician assisted suicide is another choice that would ensure your loved one is going to be pain free. If they chose to die by physician assisted suicide, they would be exercising their right to die with dignity. Physician assisted suicide is morally right because this decision can have some constructive consequences.…show more content…
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