Physician Assisted Suicide Pros And Cons Essay

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Introduction We will be debating the pros and cons of legalized assisted suicide. (I think it would be better to introduce it as a research question, like Dr. Don first suggested when he asked us to choose a topic. I would suggest “Should physician-assisted suicide be legal? This controversial question is the central focus of our research on the debate topic of Human Euthanasia.” How does that sound? Also, the outline template says we need an overview of what the different sources say about the question. I suggest to add to the outline something quick, like this: No matter what side of the argument over euthanasia one decides to adopt, the data and opinions found on the internet and in published resources include pros and cons to every debate category. These opinions come from a multitude of…show more content…
It is determined to overstep the boundaries of God’s giving and taking of life. * Source used was is a powerful website that reviews most of the world’s religions and their views on euthanasia so it was very helpful on this particular argument. * These sources clearly showed the pros outlined by the very few religions as to what would be considered an acceptable reason for euthanasia. * The sources used as cited above clearly indicate the reasoning behind euthanasia not being acceptable in the religious arena. They clearly state that only God has the right to give and take life and we overstep the boundaries by taking our death into our own hands. * The sources also indicate that euthanasia is considered murder in many religions and that it interferes with the circle of life and rebirth. * This particular argument is difficult to substantiate because it is not necessarily based on fact. The assumptions are only valid if the person reviewing them has a belief in the
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