Physician Assisted Suicide Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive Speech Format: Two-sided presentation (Pro-Con) Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that we as free citizens should legalize physician assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. Thesis Statement: We as citizens should legalize assisted suicide based of principles of rights, morals and alternatives for the current way of ending a patient’s sufferings. INTRODUCTION Attention Getter A. Imagine yourself a doctor, a physicist to be more precise. You have a good life, a loving partner, couple kids running around and a decent wage; you’ve accomplished the 1980’s American dream. It’s a Friday morning, and you are heading to your job that you like. All of a sudden, your emotions are turned around. You see an elderly women sitting in the long chair near your office. First time you’ve seen her, but right away you figure out that she isn’t ok. You talk to your new patient and realize that she is…show more content…
Family members can argue that the pleasure (relieving the pain of one family member) does not outweigh the cost of pain (a family losing a member). Pro: There are two main points that are associated with morality of pro assisted suicide. The first is the respect for death with dignity and the second is again using Bentham’s Utilitarian theory. After all, it is completely immoral to deny a persons last request: death. The main reason patients think about suicide is because of the endless pain they suffer. This leads to patient’s desire to end life with some dignity. A person’s last months of life shouldn’t be about suffering from severe physical pain. Last impressions of someone should be filled with joy, and respect; which is why terminally ill patients have the right to choose to die with dignity, and not have to watch themselves turn into lifeless

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