Physician Assisted Suicide: Life Or Death

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Physician Assisted Suicide: Life or Death Karly Turner SOC 120 April 22, 2013 Physician Assisted Suicide: Life or Death A doctor’s obligation is to provide support and comfort through a terminally ill patient’s process of death. There has been a great deal of discussion over the topic of physician assisted suicide over the past couple of years. While this can be viewed as illegal in many people’s eyes, should terminally ill patient be allowed to determine if they want to live or die? Assisted suicide should be voluntarily made, but the patient must be capable of making that decision. If you are ill and feel nothing but pain should you be forced to live? Assisted suicide brings out some of the deepest feelings amongst human beings. The…show more content…
Oregon was a landmark decision from the U.S. Supreme Court in 2006 that upheld Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act (ODWDA). This law, passed in 1997, which allows Oregon physicians to prescribe a lethal drug dose of medication to a patient. Oregon’s voters believed that a competent adult who has a terminal illness should have the right to ask a physician for assistance in ending their life. This allows the patient to control their dying with dignity. Under ODWDA, the steps are very specific, providing the patient an opportunity to understand their condition and seek counseling if desired. Once the patient expresses desire in the lethal treatment, a second physician provides an independent examination and confirms the initial physician’s findings. Finally, the physician can issue the prescription, but the patient must take the medication on their own; the physician cannot administer the lethal dose to the patient. This groundbreaking law by Oregon set the precedent for other states to issue similar laws since physician-assisted suicide is illegal in the United…show more content…
Many argue on the legality of physicians assisting patients to commit suicide and how moral this action is. There are many groups focusing on whether physician assisted suicide is moral to be allowed to be practiced in patients. Some of these groups include the point of view of lawyer, world critics, medical professionals and even the patient themselves, who at some point in their life wanted to ask for assistant themselves. Several debates argue on the religious objections that exist against assisted suicide, while others believe that every patient should have the option to end their suffering at any time they choose and die with dignity. In my opinion, before digging into the debate on physician assisted suicide, I believe patients should have the right to ask a licensed physician for assistance to commit suicide as no one is the owner of a person’s life but the individual itself, therefore the license physician should be allowed to assist patients to end their

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