Physician-Assisted Suicide Debate

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Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide Debate Physician-assisted suicide is a term often used simultaneously with euthanasia; however, these two acts are markedly different. According to the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University (n.d.) physician-assisted suicide is an event where a “physician provides the necessary means or information and the patient performs the act whereas in the event of euthanasia the physician physically performs the intervention” (What is Physician-Assisted Suicide, para. 3). Both acts facilitate the death of an individual who is ailing beyond the means of conventional medical assistance or intervention through quick and painless means, but the mode, or delivery, of such means…show more content…
31).Conversely, no-one can be appropriately assigned the right to say life-saving means should be abandoned because someone else determines that a patient is an excessive burden or that it costs too much to treat a condition. Humans deserve the right to life, even if that life is not what others may judge as a good one. The government and doctors’ cannot decide who lives and dies by passing a law that relieves patients of their rights. Mankind’s right to die has been extensively discussed; however, passing laws in support of physician-assisted suicide takes that option from the patient and puts into the hands of those who may not have the patient’s best interest in mind. This topic is bigger than allowing a loved one to go softly from life, it involves too much room for the abuse of the nation’s elderly, mentally ill, and poor, which should not, and cannot be allowed to…show more content…
What the team has discovered; however, is that this debate finds its basis in personal opinion versus verifiable fact, such as a right to life and death versus the debated human right to play God and saving the time of doctors and nurses versus terms for abuse and possible loopholes. Moral and ethical views, upon which this argument is largely founded, greatly depend on personal interpretations that have roots in cultural and religious viewpoints rather than logic, and these are not quantifiable or universal. Legalization of physician-assisted suicide is a debate that could easily become as heated as the debate surrounding abortion. As a team, we have come to realize that what is right and acceptable to some is not right and acceptable to

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