Physician Assisted Suicide Argumentative Essay

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Physician assisted suicide is a very sensitive and debatable topic of today’s world. In the world of medicine today, in most scenarios, almost every attempt is made to keep a patient alive. It is even possible to keep a person alive even if brain dead, by the use of life support machines and other life sustaining equipment. There is medication now that will prolong the life of AIDS patients and chemotherapy that will hopefully rid cancer patients of their disease. Most people do what they can to fight their diseases to stay alive. However, there are some patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and they do not wish to try and prolong their lives. Some people foresee that due to their illness, they will have much pain and suffering ahead, and they wish not to endure. Or some patients have been battling terminal diseases for a long period of time, and they are…show more content…
Supporters of physician-assisted suicide believe that this is fundamentally an individual choice, and one that should not be limited by laws. They believe that individuals have the right to make life-and-death decisions for them without government interference. Supporters of legalization are responding to the fear of being in terrible pain and agony, of being hooked up to life-support equipment, and of becoming a financial or emotional drain on their families. Brittany Levine, a journalist for USA TODAY, wrote “Patients fear becoming dependent on others or having a very poor quality of life. Too often, people suffer from avoidable pain and other symptoms in their final days. And such suffering can occur even with good care. People advocate for more reliable physician-assisted suicide to guard against these possibilities. Sometimes just having a means to suicide limits anxiety and allows the patient to enjoy life more fully (2008)”. These supporters believe that making physician assistance legal might make it easier to monitor and
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