Physician Assisted Suicide Argument

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PHYSICIAN ASSISTED SUICIDE, for or against it? Physician assisted suicide (PAS) is a physician providing medication or other sorts of treatment/interventions with the knowledge and understanding that the patient intends to use these medications in order to end their life. Arguments for and against physician assisted suicide have shown to be both very strong. Although at times the issues brought up may seem to be old or very similar and even repetitive, new ideas and concerns constantly are emerging. Many states throughout the United States of America have continuously tried to legalize it, and Oregon, Washington and Montana being successful in that endeavor. Within the last couple centuries the public has brought attention to many issues and discussions regarding or involving physician assisted suicide as well as euthanasia from many different views and perspectives. I believe in the opportunity to die with dignity, in having the option to end your life when it is time, and in the comforts of your own home. I believe that in the end, this isn’t about death and when to die, it is all about the option, the opportunity and the choice that one should be given. In arguing against the legalization of physician assisted suicide the arguments are often the same and very repetitive covering the same concerns and issues that would arise if it was legalized. The reasons or concerns have to do with the clarity of mind the patient has when the decision is being made, if there’s a medical error, the possibility of a cure, the patient feeling guilty and/or like they are a financial burden, not enough patients would request the PAS, and the slippery slope argument. (Notes from class June 4, 2012). All of these arguments however can be proven invalid, or simply not strong enough to be reason for the illegalization of physician assisted suicide. Clarity of mind has to do with a
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