Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Physician Assisted Suicide Louann Morris Soc 120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility Megan Reid April 1, 2013 Physician assisted suicide is something that is always a topic for discussion. There are so many people that agree with it for good reasons and so many people that disagree with it for good reasons. During my research I have decided that I am for physician assisted suicide and I want it to be legalized all over the United States. Many people including doctors think that this is morally wrong and it should not be done. However I believe that this is the right thing to do because people who are suffering from their illness should not have to live the rest of the little time they have left in pain and die with no dignity left. There are some people with illnesses that want to have a PAS who can't even go to the rest room on their own I think that when you can't even do that there is very little dignity left and nobody should ever have to live like that. There are so many different valid arguments that make me think that PAS should be legal but there are also a lot of valid arguments that make me believe that it should be monitored as well but, I don't think it should be illegal. No one ought to be forced to stay alive, andjust as doctors help to extend people's lives by means of medicine, so should doctors help to end people's lives by means of medicine, for people who want to die. Some argument against PAS have been made because people think that if it is legalized it will just be abused. According to J.M. Dieterle (2007) there have been consequences which have appeared in literature opposing the legalization of PAS. One of the argument is if legalize, abuses of the law are likely; a patients might be pressured by family members or insurance companies to seek PAS. Other arguments are vulnerable groups – the elderly, minorities, and

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