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Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Physician Assisted Suicide
Effie Benjamin
Sociology 120
Instructor Kathleen Marker
November 5, 2012

Physician Assisted Suicide
      All of us are deeply touched by death.   As a result, diverse opinions about, and methods of, approaching death have emerged from these personal experiences.   One such method, which has generated substantial controversy, is the request by the patient for physician-assisted suicide (PAS).     Physician-assisted suicide occurs when a physician enables a patient who is terminally ill to end his/her life.   The necessary means and information to enable the patient happens when the physician provides a potentially lethal medication and information about the lethal dose and how to administer it.       In this paper, we will examine:
Arguments in favor of physician-assisted suicide
Arguments opposing physician-assisted suicide
The vulnerable population
Physician-assisted suicide from the prospective of the utilitarianism theory
Ethical egoism as it relates to physician-assisted suicide
      A sixth to a half of the patients at the end of their lives approach physicians for prescription medications or lethal injections to hasten death, with a tenth to a half of the cases resulting in physicians writing prescriptions or helping to hasten a patient’s death more directly (e.g., pain relief or terminal).
          I argue that physician-assisted suicide first is against God’s Law.   Man does not belong to himself, but to God.     Man did not form or make himself and for that reason, he does not have the right to end his life.   (Genesis 2:7)   Joining me in the opposition of this act is the nation’s largest and most influential medical organizations, the American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians.  
The vast majority of legitimate physician organizations oppose physician-assisted suicide.   The California Medical Association (CMA) has reaffirmed it opposition to PAS five times since the 1980s, most recently at it...

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