Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Running Head: Passive and Active Euthanasia and Suicide 1 Physician Assisted Suicide Christa Foster Wright SOC 120 Professor Elaine Phompheng November 25, 2011 2 Physician Assisted Suicide Physician Assisted Suicide is a topic that most of us has either read about or heard about in the News Media. This is and has been a very controversy issue among many cultures. Physician assisted suicide is a moral and ethical debate that individuals disagree on. One thing is for sure when conversing about suicide in any form. We often ask the question what grounds, should the government or anyone else be allowed to interfere, in a competent person’s decision to end the duration of his or her life. Many will argue that suicide in any manner assisted or otherwise is that persons’ individual right, by any means to end their life on their own terms with dignity. Christians often believes that each and every human being is created by God in his image and that God and only God has complete charge of every aspect and area of their entire lives even to include death. Physician assisted suicide is debated by people from different diverse societies. There are those who feel this is an individual right, others will say no, some will say it is a constitutional right, others will say no, many say legalize physician assisted suicide, others says no, but we must not forget those who will argue that it is immortal, it is committing

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