Physician Assisted Suicide Essay

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Roman Technology and Engineering Maranda Green HIS103: World Civilizations I Lilia Anand July 23, 2012 Roman constructions notably crossed the boundaries of engineering with their magnificent structures out of bricks, wood, mortar, and manpower. Public and privately owned Roman buildings stand out for their strong features thereby making the ancient Romans the premiere engineers and architects. The Romans excelled in building structures with vast breadth and height that no other civilization had tried before. Structures were hardly surpassed by any other engineering feats despite the continuous development in technology. The architects of the first and second centuries, many of whom came from the Greek-speaking world, fully developed these possibilities by combining variant structural and stylistic elements to create magnificent buildings reflecting imperial pride and satisfying the needs of urban life (Dunstan, 2010). Roman architecture was influenced by the Etruscans. Most of the famous Roman architecture was adopted from the Etruscan civilization. The Romans borrowed much of their culture from the Etruscans, including their calendar, togas, alphabet, and gladiator contests. From the Greeks, they adopted ideals of beauty and a pantheon of gods and goddesses (Mahdavi, 2012). Romans bridges were among the first large bridges ever built and long lasting. They were built with stone, employing the arch as basic structure, and utilized with concrete. One of the biggest Roman bridge was called the Trajan’s bridge constructed by Apollodorus of Damascus, which remained for over a millennium which was the longest bridges built. The Raven (corvus) is a huge boarding plank with a large spike on the end, which could be raised and lowered like a drawbridge. It would be raised before battle then dropped onto an enemy’s deck. It had spikes that would embed

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