Physician Assisted Death Research Paper

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Physician Assisted Death The term euthanasia in Greek literally translates to “happy death”. But the term physician assisted suicide seems to imply that a person who chooses this has some kind of mental instability. I dislike the word suicide in this situation because these are people that are not choosing to commit suicide, but choosing to not suffer because of serious diseases. Physician assisted death hits my emotions close to home. First I’d like to say that my grandmother is very near death, and has shocked her doctor that she isn’t in hospice care yet. My grandmother is a very religious Baptist woman, and would never consent to physician assisted death. Although I think she is ready when her time is here, she has told us that there has been a few times where she thought she was dying and she just doesn’t. On the other hand, when my grandfather was terminally ill with esophageal cancer he begged to be “put out of his misery” repeatedly. He suffered tremendously for about six months before cancer took him from us. He was generally a tall, strong,…show more content…
Does our soul or spirit go to heaven or hell, do we get reincarnated, or does nothing at all happen? There are many different theories, but these questions will never have an answer. Many people don’t believe in suicide of any kind, God or whomever a person believes in will make the ultimate decision on when it is time to leave this earth. My parents raised me believing that suicide is selfish, and a coward’s way out. I still believe this, but on the other hand I also think physician assisted death is the humane thing to do for people who are suffering. Now I think my confusion lies in afterlife, heaven and so on, that I have still to figure out. I consider myself to be a Christian, and there are a lot of things that are left up to God that we may not need to understand. This is where faith and trusting in a higher power comes
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