Physician Assistant Suicide: An Ethical Dilemma

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Envision a life where you are drifting along in existence waiting for the inevitable, dejected in the eyes of your family, and becoming the epitome of a social pariah. As the end gets near, the thought of hastening the process become the most logical thing to do. The only solution is Euthanasia, also known as Physician Assistant Suicide when referring to humans; a term defined as, “the action of inducing a gentile and easy death” according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Yet, people cringe at its essence. Society is daunted when one request such fate but, the lands of America should learn to embrace its concepts as it is a humanity’s will to face trials and tribulations to achieve ultimate nirvana. Euthanasia is the Alpha prevailing over the inescapable Omega. A major conflict when one resolves to euthanasia is The Hippocratic Oath, a statement taken by doctors prohibiting them from giving “A deadly drug to anybody, not even if asked for” ( However, only 14% of the modified oath prohibits euthanasia, a maxim held firm in the original texts. The “oath” infringes on the doctors decision to actually comply with the patient’s request as it conforms to society’s “norms”. The pressure placed on doctors to become “ethically aware” is in fact unethical. A quote taken from the modern oath written by Louis Lasagna, in 1964 states: “I [the…show more content…
The right to life holds jurisdiction over the right to death. As demonstrated in the Vacco vs. Quill which ruled that, “there is no federal constitutional equal protection fight to assisted suicide” alluding to the fact that assisted suicide does not infringe on any type of law. Society accepts the need to euthanize violent criminals and animals yet, considers active/voluntary euthanasia a taboo. Hypocrisy mustn’t run amuck in America, we must contain its ideals and terminate them once

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