Physical Security Core Concepts

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Physical Security Concepts Physical security is protection from any unwanted attackers or intrusions. Detecting and preventing from anything that can cause harm or damage the business or organization is the focus of physical security. Usually all businesses have weaknesses and vulnerabilities and physical security is there to protect them. The intent of Physical Security is to control access and prevent the interruption of operations. These goals are accomplished using tangible countermeasures ranging from fencing and lighting to electronic surveillance equipment and carefully defined policies and procedures. The basic concept of physical security is to create barriers or obstacles that will protect people, their assets, and the environment. While people are not always the threats that businesses fear, natural disasters are a big part of their problems depending on the areas they live in. Physical security can’t prevent everything but creating protocols and ways to back up systems or to create a way for these businesses to rebuild without completely losing their business is a way to protect. To be prepared for anything is hard to do but with research and good instincts a business could be and feel safe from manmade and natural disasters. Physical security can be used to fix any gaps or problems with security. They may bring in surveillance, fences, hiring someone for the front desk, security badges for employees, guards at entrances. Anything that could prevent unwanted visitors that would be the proper type of security for the business will be considered. Computer programs like firewalls and back up programs to prevent cyber crime. Some manmade disasters may be made to look like natural disasters. Physical security will help to maximize ways to catch the person and ways to determine if it was an accident or on purpose. Physical security is there to
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