Physical Resources Essay

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D1: In this task I have been asked to evaluate how managing physical, human and technological resources can improve a business’ performance and how each resource should be monitored. Physical Resources This may be necessary if the business has to have publicity for example a restaurant. More customers are likely to join your firm, if you have a branch and by this the finance will increase. In a business computer systems will also be needed as this speed up things and any calculations that the business has. When we start looking at the physical of the company, we look at the actions that assume to carry out its activities. A company must make improvements in order to make sure their resources are refurbished, secured and maintained. Buildings can have a powerful effect on the people who their or the customers of the company. A building should be located in strong economic areas as many people can be attracted to it and this is very vital for the company. Leisure Centres have very different type of buildings in order to attract customers or people around their area, but the attractiveness of the Leisure Centre isn’t important as what goes on inside as they never really expect what goes on inside, but they do try to make it appealing in order for younger people to join. Materials are very essential for a business but it will differ depending on the organisation, a leisure centre needs a lot of materials in order to benefit people in the community, they must be able to provide different types of sports and activities for the community these include dance studio, gym, swimming pool, etc. They should improve their materials for each activity in order to have a better performance. The uses of materials in a Leisure Centre are renewable therefore their costs are low and are helping the environment. Leisure centre’s uses materials which are renewable therefore
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