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Physical Measurements and properties Objective: The objective of this laboratory experiment is to study physical properties such as density, boiling point, and solubility in order to identify an unknown substance. Introduction: Each and every day we encounter a wide range of materials, and as nurses knowing how to identify unknown substances using physical properties is vital for the patient’s life! Precise and accurate measurements are important to the health of the patient, it’s best to use physical properties such as mass volume or its boiling to identify the substance. Without knowing the physical properties it is practically impossible to safely know the identity of the object and thereby impossible to give the correct doses.…show more content…
Is the bone density determined normal? Part 2. 1. What effect does altitude have on boiling point/ 2. Why is size or mass alone not a useful property for the identification of the unknown? 3. Which of the properties you determined in this experiment do you consider to be the most useful in the identification of your unknown? Why? 4. Why are boiling chips useful when boiling liquid? Discussion: In this experiment my partner and I misunderstood how far to carry the significant figures. We took them over two decimals places when it really only should have been one decimal place over. Because we didn’t count the proper number of significant figures in the volume we had too many when we went to calculate the density. Conclusion: In this experiment we were supposed to be able to identify unknown substances using physical properties. We were successful in understanding how the use of physical properties better helps when identifying various unknown substances. Because of this experiment I learned how to take weight calculate volume density solubility and specific gravity. We were able to determine that the unknown substance was methyl by using its boiling point and other physical characteristics. This lab helped us learn that precise measurements and the skills that we learned in this lab will be skills that will continue to use for the rest of our

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