Physical Journeys Essay

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Physical Journeys – Essay Plan Physical journeys define and shape our understanding of who we are, through not only an exploration of the world but our inner self. [Direct answer to question]. Responding to the numerous aspects of the journey demonstrated throughout texts, audiences are able acknowledge the worth of physical movement as it also catalyses change in intelligence, psyche or emotion. Peter Skrzynecki through his poems “Crossing the Red Sea” and “Immigrants at central station 1951” conveys the idea that the physical journey and the challenge of obstacles, enlighten the traveler in many aspects exceeding the physical realm. Similarly, Rob Reiner’s film Stand by Me(1986) and lyrics to Iggy Pop’s song The Passenger illustrate how embarking on physical journeys can extend mankind’s understanding on human condition.[Answer question]. Crossing the Red Sea: Crossing the Red Sea encapsulates the individual responses to the journey. [Answer question] Red colour imagery is symbolically utilized as migrants share “patches and shreds/Of dialogue”, the romanticism in the passage “a field/ Of red poppies, once behind the forest” is contrasted to the memories of “blood” from the war which “leaves similar dark stains”. Skrzynecki creates a stage of physical transition through this artistic tableau of the migrant experience. Underneath this however the poem demonstrates an inner change, as travelers are able to reflect on their past whilst considering their future in an unknown land. Skrzynecki successfully has demonstrated the ideal that the physical journey promotes self-discovery. The poet has also emphasized in this poem, how the physical journey broadens the perceptions of the traveller. Skrzynecki’s biblical allusions to the Jews’ journey across the ‘red sea’ and “another Lazarus/ Who was saying a prayer/ In thanksgiving” give evidence to the
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