Physical Development of a Child Essay

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There are many different factors to look when trying to asses a child's physical development. First off we need to look at the child's age if the child is only twelve months old we can't expect them to have the same physical development as a thirty-six month old. We also have to understand that not all children will pick up their physical development as quickly as other children. Some children will need more help than others, to help them get to where they need to be with their physical development. We need to look closely at the different kinds of physical development and where a child should be at for their age. When we think of physical development we think of how the child is growing, but that is not the only part of physical development that there is. Yes we should keep an eye on how a child is physical growing, if they are in the right weight group, and if they are growing as they should, but we should also look at their sensation and perception, gross motor development, and fine motor development. "Perceptual development is largely dependent on the development of the brain and central nervous system-- the exact timing of which varies-- but for the most part, the senses of the sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing as well developed by the preschool period." (Bredekamp S. and Copple C. 2009 Pg. 115) This is the development of all your senses, knowing what smells good, what burns when you touch it, what sounds apple to you, and what colors you think are pretty. These senses keep growing as the child gets older and experience new things. "Gross motor development includes increased functional use of limbs for activities such as jumping, running, and climbing." (Bredekamp S. and Copple C. 2009 Pg. 116) When a child is about 3 or 4 years old they should be able to be balanced on their own. As a child's learns their center of gravity they will start to
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